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Heinz Fischer honoured for his merits in support of the Naturefriends Movement
Heinz Fischer a. Manfred Pils (r.) Photo: Peter Lechner

A few days ago, Dr. Heinz Fischer, President of Austria and Naturefriend, was presented with the Alois Rohrauer Commemorative Pin by NFI President Manfred Pils, in appreciation of services rendered to the Naturefriends movement.

Heinz Fischer has been Honorary President of Naturefriends Austria since 2004. Before that he had been Chairman of Naturefriends Austria for 33 years – a position which permitted him to combine his political and social engagement with his hobby of mountaineering. His era was marked by historic breakthroughs such as the Forestry Act 1975, in which the full and free right of way was laid down, the successful fight against the Dorfertal power station and the foundation of the Hohe Tauern National Park.
Heinz Fischer is the fourth personality to be awarded the Alois Rohrauer Commemorative Pin for services rendered to the Naturefriends movement. In 2008, it went to Herbert Brückner, President of Naturefriends International throughout the period from 1996 to2008; in 2011, to Michèle Davieau, former Chairperson of Naturefriends France and NFI Vice-President, , and in 2013 to Alioune Diagne Mbor, President of Naturefriends Senegal (presented to him on the occasion of his 90th birthday by Herbert Brückner).

 On the occasion of the Alois Rohrauer Commemorative Pin awarding ceremony, Bruno Klaus Lampasiak, former Vice-President of Naturefriends International, presented a publication at the Vienna Hofburg, which has recently appeared in print under the title Naturfreund sein heißt Mensch sein: Naturfreunde im Widerstand 1933 bis 1945.

The book paints commanding pictures of the destinies encountered by courageous resistance fighters from Germany and Austria, which stand for Naturefriends resistance at large. During the Second World War, Naturefriends and their organisations were banned by the National Socialists; their facilities, funds and Naturefriends Houses were seized, confiscated and stormed. The impressive and multifarious resistance of Naturefriends, who were stalwart opponents of war policy and fascist dictatorship, took the form of prohibited underground activities by individuals or small groups. The book comprises part of the extant knowledge about memories, commemorative volumes and documentations and recalls the courage displayed by Naturefriends at the time.  



Bruno Klaus Lampasiak: Naturfreund sein heißt Mensch sein. Naturfreunde im Widerstand 1933 bis 1945. Naturfreunde-Verlag Freizeit und Wandern GmbH Berlin, 2013. ISBN 978-3-925311-34-5

Order address:
Naturfreunde-Verlag Freizeit und Wandern GmbH
Warschauer Str. 59a
10243 Berlin
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