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"Increasing employment in rural areas through tourism development" in Kyrgyzstan

In partnership with ProNGO! (Germany), Center of Corporate Technologies (Kyrgyzstan) and PF “Coordinating and Marketing Center “Daairy”, Naturefriends International implemented the project "Increasing employment in rural areas through tourism development". The EU co-funded project aims to support the population of Kyrgyzstan in poverty reduction through tourism development in rural areas.


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The main tasks of the project are:

  • To create six training and informational centers based on rural craft cooperatives;
  • To train rural population in basis of product development, management, marketing and quality monitoring of services tourism industry, as well as production of tourist products, receiving skills on improving of communications;
  • To train women, rural youth and local societies in order to obtain skills and knowledge on organizing training and consulting activity in tourism development;
  • To train trainers in order to learn training methods и development of methodology on tourist and youth activity;
  • Local youth voluntary involved in tourism will obtain practical experience on protection of local environment.
More information about the project development, past and upcoming events is available at the project website -> .

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