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“Let’s Clean-Up Europe” – 10th May 2014

Every year 100 billion plastic bags are used in the EU, around 200 bags for every EU citizen. Only a small percentage of these are recycled, meaning literally billions end in rubbish dumps or in our seas, rivers and lakes or littering streets and the countryside.

Plastic waste is one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution and dealing with it is a serious challenge! At the heart of the problem is the “throw-away” culture of our unsustainable societies and expected to increase if no action is taken. Plastic waste not only causes massive environmental pollution - such as air, water, marine and soil pollution - it also causes harm on the wildlife. In many cases animals are injured or killed by entanglement or ingestion of litter mistaken for food. Plastic turns our seas and ocean to “plastic soups”- a special term describing a sea polluted by broken-up particles of old plastic, which e.g. affects the Mediterranean and North Sea. Likewise, it has documented negative impacts on the human health and spoils the aesthetics of landscapes and our local environment. Over and above these, plastic waste takes hundreds of years to degrade!

At EU level, serious steps have been recently taken to deal with this growing problem. The European Commission has proposed a new directive¹   to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in the European Union. This requires Member States to take measures to reduce the use of single-use and lightweight plastic bags on their territory. Especially, the wide consumption of single-use plastic bags is one of the main obstacles to efforts to reduce plastic waste. Already many EU countries and cities have started to take actions against the single-use plastic bags including national bans or introducing a tax. 

Naturefriends International invites to TAKE ACTION and GET INVOLVED!

On the 10th May Saturday, the European Commission launches a clean-up day “Let’s Clean-Up Europe” to raise citizen’s awareness on the plastic waste problem and motivate them to collect plastic waste in their immediate vicinity.

On this occasion, NFI invites Naturefriends’ Member organizations worldwide to participate in the Naturefriends’ campaign against plastic waste. In this campaign NFI encourages Naturefriends to organize “Let’s Pick it Up: Naturefriends Clean-up Day” and take action at their localities and call for national bans on single-use plastic bags via distribution of a Press Release “No plastic bags, THANKS!”. The results, photos and videos of the campaign will be published via NFI media channels.

More information how to take part and register ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) are described in the guidelines (download beside).

This action provides a unique opportunity to raise citizen’s awareness on the litter problem, to show Naturefriends’ commitment and to help changing people's behaviour.

Let’s take action together and make a difference!

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