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International course "LEAD for Climate Justice"

In the fourth quarter 2013, the project LEAD for Climate Justice was further internationalised: In October, an international workshop took place in Ilawa, Poland. Additionally, several English courses were introduced in cooperation with the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.

During the workshop in Ilawa, Naturefriends International and international representatives of the member organisations worked to further develop and internationalise the course LEAD for Climate Justice. An online course was introduced, adjustment to Naturefriends needs was debated and evaluated and international points of view were discussed. Representatives from 16 countries talked about the role and contribution of Naturefriends in the cause of climate justice as well as about activities of African member organisations.

Eberswalde University of Development currently offers three international courses. In two of those courses, students can choose single modules, the exam of which takes place within their curriculum. The third one contains all modules, webinars and a local activity. Students from Germany, Poland, Brasil and the US already completed the first attendance phase in November, where they discussed the issue of climate justice, got to know the online platform and collected first ideas for their local activity. This course lasts until May 2014 and trains students to be international promoters for climate justice.
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