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Naturefriends demands to the future European Parliament

Dear Naturefriends!

The next elections to the European Parliament will be held between 22 and 25 May 2014. Following the financial crisis, the European Union has been increasingly criticised in the last few years and, unfortunately, renationalisation has gained ground in the European discussion.

However, renationalisation, which is supported by various parties, will lead to an impasse. Only common, strong European policy making can prevail against global ecological and social dumping, against increasing exploitation of people and resources and against the rule of financial markets − countries will not be able to build protective barriers against this all alone. Only a pro-European-Union approach can bring about sustainable policies that secure the conservation and protection of our environment and resources, social standards and solidarity, qualitative employment, an efficient public infrastructure and quality of life as well as responsible and fair global policy-making.

Furthermore, the impending anarchy of neoliberal financial markets causes Europe to plunge from one crisis to the next, threatens the economic power of whole regions and countries or contributes to their social disintegration. We need strong regulations to re-establish the predominance of politics over the financial markets.

The European Parliament has an important role in this: all regulations of the European Union need to be democratically endorsed by the European Parliament. Therefore it is not indifferent who represents our interests in the European Union. We should not leave Europe to those who actually want to weaken it. We need a pro-European-Union approach.

Several interest groups such as the European environmental organisations (Green 10) or the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) already elaborated lists of specific demands to future MEPs. We Naturefriends fully support these demands. As Naturefriends, we deem it important that ecological and social concerns are not played off against each other. Only sustainable policy making can secure the opportunities of the future.

The European Union encompasses many complex regulations that need to be constantly supervised by Naturefriends and many experts. Nevertheless, the future of Europe will depend on whether European citizens can be convinced of the necessity of the European project. 

Manfred Pils
President of the Naturefriends International


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