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Educational work
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In its educational work Naturefriends International combines the theoretical approach-es of Global Education, Education for Sustainable Development and Environmental Edu-cation and puts them into practice. Using all their senses and exchanging experience co-operatively and interactively, learners participate actively in the learning process as well as in creation and implementation of activities.

Reflection and assessment of current events and the development of a critical stance allows people to have an open-minded, integrative and interdisciplinary approach to global topics and to act accordingly.
NFI's educational offers are specifically aimed at staff in member organisations, persons responsible for Naturefriends groups and, through them, at Naturefriends members. Other target groups are (future) tourism experts, multipliers in the field of economy, NGOs and the public as well as teachers.

NFI provides presentations, seminars and workshops, trainings and educational material on the following topics

  • Biodiversity and environment
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Regional development
  • Society and sustainability
  • Climate change and climate protection
in order to promote global ecological, economic and socially just development.
Our educational activities are implemented by means of eLearning, Peer-to-Peer Learn-ing, model journeys, presentations, seminars, dialogue events, involvement in work-shops, methods of Global Learning involving international (partner) organisations, simulation games etc.
Furthermore, NFI is partner in educational projects and cooperates with educational institutions.


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