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Naturefriends‘ Climate Scouts win German Competition for Climate Protection

Germany’s pupils fight climate change! For the fifth time in a row the climate protection competition "Energiesparmeister", held by the BMU (The Federal Environment Ministry) and “Klima sucht Schutz” under the auspices of Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, was looking for the best, most creative and most efficient climate protection projects in Germany’s schools. The best school project in every state wins!

In keeping with the motto “Climate Scout – double energy saving!”, the secondary school in Schaumburger Straße won this year’s title for the state of Bremen.

The Naturefriends’ Climate project “Bremen / Togo” trains pupils to become so-called Climate Scouts. They learn about topics like biodiversity, climate, climate change, energy saving and renewable energies.

After completing this training, the Climate Scouts go on to share their newly acquired knowledge in their every-day life: with their families, at school, at events for energy-saving measures – they even detect unreasonable energy consumption with their energy cost gauges. 

The established savings in energy consumption are then converted into a “credit”. The pupils’ ambitious plan is to use this “credit” to buy energy-efficient cooking stoves for their partner organisation in Africa, specifically for the local Climate Scouts’ families in Togo. A successful pilot project was already established in 2012.

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