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Projects of Naturefriends in Africa
Over the last few years, a growing number of African organisations have become part of the Naturefriends family. These organisations share a commitment to environmental and nature protection and soft tourism. They sought the connection to the international Naturefriends movement in order to strengthen their position in their countries and to raise awareness for their causes.

Active north-south partnership within Naturefriends manifests itself in the help to set up African organisations, promotion of measures for qualification and support in the implementation of their own projects, e.g. in environmental education and climate protection. Projects are always developed on-site. African Naturefriends can learn from European Naturefriends and vice versa.

Besides the already existing Solidarity Fund, based on EU member organisation funding, Naturefriends International established an appeal fund to be able to better support the tasks of African Naturefriends' projects. The appeal fund regularly supports projects corporately choosed by the African Naturefriends Network (RAFAN) and Naturefriends International.

For this appeal fund we ask for your support - Donating money, disseminating the information about the donation account (e.g. in your organisation's magazine or mailing lists), or starting initiatives for cooperation projects between Naturefriends groups. If you are interested, we are pleased to establish contacts.
Currently we support the project  “Support in vegetable growing” in Mali. The living conditions of the villagers in Finkolo are to be improved by independent vegetable growing. The aim of the project is that everyone can autonomously produce the vegetables they need. The necessary knowledge will be passed on in a training course, particularly benefitting the women of the village.  mali_spenden.jpgAs part of the project, seeds, fertilisers and phytosanitary products will be bought to start the villagers
 off, and two concreted wells will be built, each one with a motor pump for the irrigation system.
A list of the corporately choosed projects for implementation is available here.
Appeal fund for African Naturefriends' projects
Schönbrunner Straße 273
1120 Vienna
IBAN: AT 88 14000 05610 665 499
Reference: Donation Afrika


The entire received amount will be transferred to the ongoing project. On this site we will inform you about the current project progress. berichtet. 

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