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Tour díhorizon Upper Rhine Valley
Photo: Erich Westendarp;

20th June – 29th June 2013

Going with the Flow from Pristine Origins Toward New Shores the motto for all the activities of the NFI Landscape of the Year 2013/2014. The Tour d'horizon illustrates the meaning of this motto.


Programme Tour d’horizon (German / French)


In the generally pristine landscape of the Upper Rhine Valley, nature can be experienced during hikes, a cycling tour, wine tastings etc. The tour includes visits to institutions informing about regional traditions as well as to craftsmen and craftswomen who carry on traditions, thus creating a better future for the region.

The participants of the Tour d’horizon, being interested in the environment and traditions of the region, also contribute to creating a better future for its population.

This time, the tour will also include city sightseeing. There are many medium-sized and bigger cities in the region which are exemplary for the high quality of life in the Upper Rhine Valley as they are surrounded by nature, have a rich cultural heritage and implement interesting environmental initiatives.

When planning the Tour d'horizon, we tried to balance the different areas of the Landscape of the Year. During the first part of the journey, we will "jump" back and forth between France and Germany, and we will spend the last few days of the tour in Switzerland.

Naturefriends invite you to participate!
Naturefriends and everybody who are interested in this journey can participate.

Furthermore the journey addresses with a special focus and support service tour guides, group guides and hiking guides of Naturefriends, who are interested in planning a journey to the Upper Rhine Valley with their own travel groups in future. All partners of the Landscape of the Year 2013/14 are pleased to invite travel groups of the Naturefriends worldwide to visit and get to know the region.

The journey will be guided in German and French.
The programme (DE/FR) is available as a download at the right side.

Further information and a detailed programme (DE/FR) have to be requested at NFI.


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