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Dear co-creator of the Landscape of the Year,

Dear Naturefriends,
In November, Naturefriends International were awarded the Ulysses Award of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for outstanding achievements and innovation in tourism for the Landscape-of-the-Year project.

We are very glad to have received this special accolade which NFI could not have been awarded had it not been for years of personal commitment and active participation of project partners, experts, colleagues and volunteers.

We would also like to express our special gratitude to those who have actively participated in the creation and provision of ideas for the LoY since 1989: Herbert Brückner, honorary president of NFI; Frieder Stede, former secretary general, †; Manfred Pils, former secretary general and president of NFI; Ingeborg Pint, project coordinator and interpreter.

Since the start of the first Landscape of the Year in 1989 at Lake Constance, the project has been continually developing. This year, we evaluated challenges and opportunities for the future of the project. Basically, the LoY will still be transboundary though slightly smaller in the future and there will be a preparation year between two Landscapes of the Year.

We are happy to keep implementing the intention of project – transboundary and sustainable regional development through Naturefriends – in the future.

Christian Baumgartner, Secretary General
Anita Pinter, Coordinator LoY



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