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DanubeHIKE – International hiking conference
  Photo: Donau Oberösterreich

19. and 20. November 2012, Linz (Upper Austria)
The international hiking conference, within the frame of the EU project DanubeHIKE, took place in Linz from 19. – 20. November.
The Werbegemeinschaft Donau Oberösterreich and Naturefriends International, supported by their project partners from Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and Bulgaria, invited participants from Danube bordering countries for international exchange; And representatives from all 10 Danube countries actually participated in the event.

Presentations were held about hiking tourism from Germany along the Danube until the Ukraine, the status quo and future of hiking tourism (along the Danube) were discussed and the results of the EU project DanubeHIKE, including the development of the web portal, have been presented. Furthermore two Danube hikers were talking about their experiences hiking the entire Danube. Besides the versatile programme, the second day was focusing on putting theory into practice – the participants visited the Donausteig and Linz.

The recently published broschure "DanubeHIKE - Hiking along the Danube" was also presented at the conference.

We would like to thank all participants, organisers and supporters of this conference and we hope to continue collaborating successfully towards the development and support of sustainable hiking tourism along the Danube.

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