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Biodiversity Info 2|2012

In recent years, NFI’s international biodiversity campaigns with their focus on the European Natura 2000 network of protected sites, have been oriented towards the Naturefriends organisations within the European Union. In parallel a project for the protection of biological diversity has been developed with the African member organisations, which still awaits effective networking with the European initiatives.


  Biodiversity Info 2|2012  

This is something we are planning to actively promote in the years to come along with plans for integrating Switzerland into our Natural Trails and Water:Ways campaigns.

It follows that the present Biodiversity Info is devoted exclusively to the subject of internationalisation. To start with, Pablo Victor Agbogan, Secretary General of CASE Togo-Amis de la Nature, presents the extensive nature preservation activities of the Togolese Naturefriends, which are to be expanded in the years to come to activities within the framework of our Wate NFI Vice-President Mamadou Mbodji, Chairman of the Naturefriends Africa Network.

With a view to preparing the ground for Natura Trails in non-EU-countries, the Naturefriends Expert Group on Biodiversity has in the past weeks extended the range of Natura Trail criteria. As of now, Natura Trails are no longer restricted to Natura 2000 sites, but may – in non-EU member countries – also be routed through other nature reserves whose conservation status corresponds to that of Natura 2000 sites (see news at www. This opens the way for a cross-border Natura Trail in Germany, Switzerland and France planned within the framework of the Landscape of the Year 2013/2014 – the Upper-Rhine Valley. First steps are to be taken early in November at a Natura Trail Seminar, which will naturally also provide a forum for the exchange of valuable experience among participants from other regions – for more see the contribution on the following pages by my colleague Anita Pinter.

Another must is a brief summary of EU policies in the past months, this time from my colleague Magdalena Wagner, who is deputising for Seda Orhan Defrancesci who is on maternity leave.

Last but not least we report once again about hands-on initiatives within the framework of the Water:Ways Campaign. Similar to the kick-off event on 5 June 2012 at Nationalpark Donau-Auen, where the new habitat brochure was pre- sented, many campaign activities will, this year, focus on “brooks, rivers and riparian forests”.


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