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Train to change

Project description


Training for supporting the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility
Train to change is a European project which fosters the realisation of CSR in accommodation facilities (Naturefriends houses). Therefore some trainers and many house managers will be trained in order to deal with the sustainability of their houses. Hence CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards such as climate justice, environmental performance, regional products and much more will be considered.

The educational programme Leonardo da Vinci finances the EU project. It is based on the collaboration of KATE (GER), Naturefriends International (AUT), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ESP), Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile (ITA) and the Croatian Youth Hostel Association (CRO).

Goal of the overall project:
App. 10 „CSR-Trainer“ will be trained. They will receive competencies as multipliers in order to contribute to further distribution.
App. 100 employees will be trained within 5 countries along their work place. They will act as change agents and are responsible for the introduction of a CSR-system in their companies as well as the elaboration of a sustainability report.
An interactive in-job training for the qualification as CSR Manager will be proved and spread through partner network and beyond within Europe.

Realisation by NFI:
Training of 2 CSR trainers (Andreas Zotz of the NFI team, one person of the house-working group)
Training of a minimum of 10 CSR Managers within the Naturefriends houses
Elaboration of sustainability reports, improvement plans and the creation of a CSR mission statement in the respective Naturefriends houses
Coaching by educated CSR trainers

Added value fort he Naturefriends houses:
The Naturefriends houses have proved sustainable association practices
They evaluated and measured ecological and social criteria in a quantitative and qualitative way
Sustainability reports and improvement programmes for participating Naturefirends houses have been created
Therefore cost-cutting and improvement potentials are identified
The realisation of measures DOES NOT form part of the project, but create the basis for a future CSR certification

Time horizon:
Education of two trainers: 2012
Training of house managers: 2013


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