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EU Commission launched Strategy to boost development of the Danube Region

NFI suggestions taken up into the strategy
In December 2010, the European Commission presented the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and its 115 million inhabitants. It was adopted by the European Council in June 2011.

By establishing a framework for long-term cooperation on a wide range of issues, the Strategy could play a key role in improving sustainable transport, linking energy systems, protecting the environment, preserving water resources and stimulating the business climate. With its focus on sustainable growth, its objective is also to make an important contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 goals.
Based on the experience with the Landscape of the Year project in the Danube Delta, NFI, WWF Danube Carpathian Program and the Danube Competence Centre (DCC) were able to make some important suggestions for the development of an environmentally, socially and economically balanced European Danube strategy. Several comments concerning the tourism and culture pillar of the strategy were directly taken up by the Commission, for example regarding the need to develop concrete quality criteria for sustainable tourism and to strategically develop and promote this sector.
For further information visit the website of the European Commission .


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