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The Danube
Naturefriends International has member organisations in several states along the Danube – Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

Not only since the successful implementation of the Landscape of the Year 2007-2009 Danube Delta has the sustainable development of the Danube region become an issue within the Naturefriends movement. Time and time again, environmental concerns, natural beauty, recreational use and using the Danube’s hydropower to generate energy as well as the exciting yet difficult history and the diverse cultures along the Danube have led to the implementation of projects in, along and about the Danube.

 NFI appreciates the EU Strategy for the Danube Region as a tool, serving the joint development of this unique European region across national borders.
Amongst the outcomes of the Landscape of the Year were the co-foundation of the Danube Competence Center and preparatory work for a Danube Tourism University Network as well as several projects for sustainable tourism in the Danube region.



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