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Image-Flyer on the Naturefriends' campaign "Natura Trails" published

Live experience of nature with Naturefriends
From its inception, the Naturefriends movement has considered the protection of nature and the preservation of biological diversity its key concerns. Our activities and campaigns are designed to combine the engagement with nature and landscapes with the transfer of knowledge about the indigenous fauna and flora and with best-practice examples of nature-compatible and environmentally sound recreational activities.

A fancy for nature!

  • strike out on your own, equipped with a Natura Trail leaflet, and discover Europe’s most beautiful protected areas
  • join guided tours and get to know the special natural treasures along the Natura Trails
  • explore nature by mouse click, using interactive maps based on Google Earth at
  • lay the basis for respectful behaviour in nature and for the protection of biological diversity by acquiring knowledge about the needs of characteristic animal and plant species

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