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EURATOM should be finally dissolved!

For many decades the anti-nuclear movement has pointed out the irresponsibility of nuclear power generation. Naturefriends are founding members of the anti-nuclear movements in many European countries. Through their commitment they have brought home the message that the use of nuclear energy is unwarrantable.

Naturefriends advocate the fastest possible exit from nuclear-energy use and demand that the sustainable and environmentally benign generation of energy be massively promoted.

Nuclear power technology is a risk technology that defies control and thus implies incalculable consequences for people and the environment. The utilisation of nuclear technology jeopardises fundamental democratic rights and endangers the living conditions of future generations.

Naturefriends International is going to advocate

  • that EURATOM be dissolved as soon as possible;
  • that a new European contract be concluded, providing the basis for the foundation of an alternative European Community for the Advancement of Renewable Energies and of Energy Saving;
  • that an initiative be launched at EU level with the aim of severing the contractual links between EU and EURATOM. Together with the national organisations, NFI will bring pressure to bear on the respective national governments of EU member states, prompting them to unilaterally terminate adherence to the EURATOM Treaty;
  • that the European treaties be amended to the effect that the ban on using nuclear technologies for military purposes and for energy generation will be laid down as one of the European Union’s basic tenets;
  • that national governments and the EU Commission issue a strongly worded recommendation to the United Nations, demanding the worldwide exit from nuclear power for military purposes and for energy generation and the imposition of a global moratorium on the planned construction of new nuclear plants for military purposes and for energy generation.





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