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“A shared live experience of nature”: New “Migration Manual” of Naturefriends off the press

Copycats are welcome!  Beyond presenting integration projects mounted by the Naturefriends movement and other associations in a total of five countries, the manual “A shared live experience of nature”, issued by Naturefriends International (NFI), is meant to encourage civil-society organisations at large to approach migrants and to invite them to become involved in joint ventures.

The brochure was presented at the Naturefriends Congress in Graz. It is all about principles and examples of inter-cultural activities in the field of environment, and it presents both the North-South partnerships of NFI and actions inspired by community spirit in Europe.

“This manual is designed to motivate Friends of Nature to discuss the relationship between climate change and migration and to actively promote the cause of integration. With this in mind we have selected activities and projects that can serve as best practice examples”, says Christian Baumgartner, Secretary General of NFI. “We are spreading the word on ways in which local Naturefriends groups are even now approaching people with migration background, inviting them to take part in joint ventures”, says Margit Leuthold, a member of the panel of experts.

The brochure “A shared live experience of nature” has appeared in three languages (G/E/F) and is available for downloading.

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