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Sustainability labels for travel products

Bio and fair trade are en vogue not just in day-to-day shopping, but more often than not also in holiday planning. “Fair travel” is in demand– but what is it that makes travelling “fair”? Currently, tourism boasts more than 100 quality labels worldwide. 

The small stickers with green leaves, radiant suns or blue flags are displayed at hotel entrances, tourism offices or at the entrance gates to camping sites. They designate providers, beaches, nature reserves, indeed entire regions. The great variety of quality labels admittedly causes confusion among the general public.

This problem has been addressed by tourism experts active in Working Group on Tourism & Development (arbeitskreis tourismus & entwicklung - akte), ECOTRANS e.V., Church Development Service (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst - EED) - Tourism Watch, and Naturefriends International (NFI).
In order to provide a better overview, the new edition (2016) includes a list of 30 labels in which, besides hotels and tour operators, also campsites, beaches, attractions or entire destinations are independently inspected and certified in several countries. 
The outcome of a joint effort launched by Germany, Austria and Switzerland is a handy guide through the tourism “label jungle”. 




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