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What does respect do?

respect carries out the following activities:

Public relations
respect releases publications, prepares media reports, offers customised press information, organises and moderates public events and provides its expertise whenever asked to.

Educational work
respect develops educational material, elaborates and evaluates educational programmes for specific target groups and holds lectures and workshops at educational institutes specialised in tourism.

respect brings together experts on different occasions and it mediates between the stakeholder groups of science, politics, economy and civil society. There is close contact between respect and institutions and networks relevant to tourism. Please see our memberships here.

Applied research and development of methods
respect develops indicators and criteria based on scientific evidence for the embedding of sustainability aspects in business strategies and regional development strategies as well as in national and international certification initiatives; respect stays in close contact with researchers and participates actively in scientific debates.

respect provides specialised consulting for tourism destinations, companies, authorities and other interest groups.

Political advocacy
respect publishes recommendations for legal framework conditions, takes position in tourism policy debates and stays in contact with political decision-makers in Brussels and the EU Member States.



  Supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, respect annually carries out information and education activities on development issues in tourism. The motive of these activities is to raise awareness of travellers and other tourism stakeholders about their possibilities to contribute to sustainable tourism development, based on the approach of “global learning”.



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