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Tour díhorizon 2011

A transboundary exploration journey in the Landscape of the Year 2010/11 for tour guides, group guides and hiking guides of the Naturefriends

Nature and culture, hiking tours, information and encounters with Naturefriends in the Landscape of the Year: Slovak Karst – Aggtelek Karst

Date: 25th June – 2nd July 2011

Tour d'horizon
In cooperation with the Naturefriends in the respective regions and its partners, Naturefriends International wants to bring the potential for a sustainable tourism closer to the visitors of Landscapes of the Year. As it was in former Landscapes of the Year, Naturefriends International organises the “Tour d´Horizon” in the Slovak Karst – Aggtelek Karst 2010/11 as well.

Unlike before, this exploration journey focuses primarily on tour guides, group guides and hiking guides of the Naturefriends, who are interested in planning a journey to the Karst region with their own travel groups in future. All partners of the Landscape of the Year 2010/11 are pleased to invite travel groups of the Naturefriends worldwide to visit and get to know the region.

We enable you an exploration journey as part of a travel offer which combines nature, culture, hiking tours and encounters with Naturefriends. We also offer the opportunity of discussing about the touristic offer and the travel organisation in cooperation with our partners on-site.

The registration for the Tour d'horizon has been extended till 26. April 2011.


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