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International Young Naturefriends

IYNF, found in 1975, is the international network of the young Naturefriends across Europe. IYNF supports the work of its 16 member and 7 partner organisations, consisting of 120.000 individual young Naturefriends organized in more than 1000 local groups. The organization fosters a sense of belonging of young Naturefriends to the international movement, promotes ideals of personal development and responsible and sustainable life in both social and natural environment and represents young Naturefriends on European level. In its work, IYNF uses methods of non-formal, experiential and environmental education and intercultural learning, organizes capacity building, outdoor and amateur art activities and supports active citizenship by promotion of youth participation. Besides that IYNF publishes books with topics related to the working field of the organisation. IYNF mission is to connect and inspire Young Naturefriends for living values of respect, solidarity, equality, sustainability, and love and care for nature.

For more information please visit the website of IYNF

2013 is IYNF Year of Action for Change. The organizations is organizing several activities to promote active youth participation and foster responsible citizenship:

Upcoming activities:

  • Networking Conference “Ac-tiv-ism redefined!”, Slovakia, May 2013
  • Planning Weekend “Youth leadership for a resilient world”, Czech Republic, September 2013

IYNF is proud to present its publication “Green Toolbox”, comprehensive guide to environmental, social and economic sustainability in your workplace. The publication can be accessed and downloaded online at and the printed copies can be ordered from IYNF office via this website. IYNF is also planning several educational activities to promote sustainability practices in offices and organizations.





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