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Natura Trails in Austria – New Geocoaching Application Online

Natura Trail in Austria – a successful cooperation project of Naturefriends and the Austrian Bundesforste AG – has a new online geocoaching application.

The new platform is a web-based addition to the folders and information boards, and provides numerous extra information. GPS-data of the Natura Trail routes can be downloaded in various file formats, and highlights alongside the routes are being described in road-books. The visualisation in Google Maps provides the opportunity to explore the trails from at home – on the one hand as a preparation for planned walking- or cycling-tours – on the other hand as an opportunity for disabled people to experience the diversity of the Natura Trail regions from at home.

The importance of web-based and GPS-supported information has already been proven by the evaluation of the Natura Trail project carried out in 2008.

For the forthcoming months an internationalisation of the application is being prepared in order to capture the many already existing and projected Natura Trails outside of Austria.


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