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Natura Trail in the Landscape of the Year
Photo: Stefanie Röder

The first Romanian Natura Trail has been established in the current Landscape of the Year Danube Delta, at the south-eastern edge of the delta in the little village Sfantu Gheorghe, in co-operation with the local school's ecological club.

Situated in a unique landscape of swamps, river banks, and sand dunes the Natura Trail leads alongside the oldest of the three branches of the Danube River to the Black Sea. It informs about the diverse flora and fauna including many protected species like the Dalmatian Pelican, the Sturgeon and the European Wild Cat.

The leaflet's content was developed by IFN together with a group of 13 children aged 9 to 14 and their teacher and head of school, Adnana Mihaela Pãtrãscoiu. “My favourite animal is the Pelican,” tells 13 years old Andrei, who is happy, that the bird is pictured on the front page of the leaflet.

The Natura Trail was printed in a Romanian and an English version to reach both, the locals and the tourists, and to support a sound touristic development in the region. The official opening will be in mid-summer 2009, together with regional partners. In the near future expert guided tours along the Natura Trail are planed. In addition, a training course for the school kids will be established to enable them to guide other kids and share their knowledge on the regional natural characteristics.


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