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Across the valleys of the Kaisergebirge
Photo: Andrea Lichtenecker

Mountain forests, mountain pastures and peaks from St. Johann to Kufstein
Between the Griesenau, north of St. Johann in Tirol, and the former fortress Kufstein, the Kaiserbachtal and the Kaisertal cross the two parallel main ridges of the Kaisergebirge. Their visitors are guided into a diverse cultural and natural landscape.

Mountain forests, mountain pastures, dwarf-shrub heathers and alpine meadows form the living environment for a speciose flora and fauna with characteristic representatives of our Alps – for example the chamois and the alpine chough – but also endangered species like the black grouse, the mountain Apollo and numerous orchids. A speciality of the Kaisergebirge is the “green earthworm” that casts a spell over scientists and laypersons alike. Since 1963, the unique mountain regions of the Kaisertal have been under protection of the Federal State Tirol to preserve it for future generations.

In the south of the ravine (which runs east to west), the harsh peaks of the Wilder Kaiser arise and together with the Ellmauer Halt reach an altitude of 2344 metres. Together with the Vordere Kesselschneid, the – neither gentle – peaks of the Zahmer Kaiser that adjoins in the north are 2001 metres above sea level. The valleys climb up to the 1577-metre high Stripsenjoch, which marks the watershed: In the west, the Kaiser- or Sparchenbach flows through the mountain range and at Kufstein disembogues into the Inn with a small chasm, the Sparchenklamm. In the east, the water flows off into the Kaisertalbach.

On the 11th of July 2009, the Naturefriends and the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf AG) invited to celebrate the opening of the “Natura Trail Kaisertal” in combination with the re-opening of the Hans Berger House of the Naturefriends Kufstein. The opening took place in the presence of Reinhard Dayer (general manager Naturefriends Austria), Mag. Thomas Pupp (head of the Naturefriends Tirol), Julius Nagy (head of the Naturefriends Kufstein) and Silvia Huber (tenant of the Hans Berger House) and followed a guided tour along the Natura Trail.

Photo: Andrea Lichtenecker
Photo: Andrea Lichtenecker


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