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Quality criteria for the expansion of the Natura Trail network

Many member organisations of Naturefriends International picked up the idea of the Natura Trail Project turning the vision of an EU wide Natura Trail network into reality.

The maintenance of the high quality standards of the pilot project, which was awarded the title of Official Decade Project under the heading of “Education for Sustainable Development” by both the Austrian and the German Commission for UNESCO in 2008, will play a central role for the expansion of the project.

Obligatory quality criteria are the basis for the work of all groups and organisations involved, containing important hints for the establishment of Natura Trails ranging from the consideration of the principles of nature protection and the involvement of local and regional stakeholders to the choice of suitable information tools.

The implementation of the quality criteria will be conducted by an international specialist group coordinated by Naturefriends International, which will provide assistance to the groups and organisations taking part in the project.


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