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Natura Trails in Germany Online at
Dieter Lang/NF Baden

Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg are the first two German provinces to take part in the international Natura Trail campaign and establish their own trails. Both projects are being presented on the new project’s website of the German Friends of Nature.

The latest German trail leads into the Natura 2000 area “Albtrauf near Aalen”, making the natural areas of the Swabian Alb accessible.  Numerous habitats of EU-wide importance, specially protected by the Habitats Directive, are located in this region. These include beech groves, in which the shy eagle owl hunts for small mammals, frogs and birds, juniper heaths formed over the course of centuries by traditional sheep grazing, and colourful flowering meadows, whose conservation is also due to a traditional rural cultivation. The varied Natura Trail links up the Friends-of-Nature houses “Braunenberg”, “Am Brand” and “Tierstein” on a length of 18 km, and can also be experienced in stages. I can be reached environmentally sound by train.

The Friends of Nature Baden follow a different approach, by establishing a network of Natura Trails linking up all Friends-of-Nature houses of the regional federation and also making Natura 2000 areas accessible. The project’s website offers detailed directions, GPS data and maps to download, a widespread description of the habitats, interesting information on the characteristic wildlife and the Natura 2000 network, as well as leads to an environmentally sound arrival.

The Friends of Nature Pinneberg (Schleswig-Holstein) also established a whole network of Natura Trails within their region, introducing their protected areas to the citizens. The network connects nine Natura 2000 areas and symbolises the aspired wildlife corridor and the Natura 2000 network’s coherence.



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