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Natura Trails Seminar at Altlengbach
Photo: Samuel Lehmberg

On International Friends of Nature’s invitation, an internationally attended seminar on “Natura 2000 – Natura Trails” was held on 17. and 18. November at Altlengbach (A). The seminar with participants from Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece and Slovakia was opened by  Peter Iwaniewicz from the Austrian “Lebensministerium” (Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Water Management and the Environment).

In the course of the seminar a hike along a section of the Natura Trail “Hochwienerwald” to the “Gföhlberghütte”, a Friends-of-Nature house of the local FN group Eichgraben, was held under wintry conditions. The participants had the opportunity not only to enjoy the snow-covered alpine panorama, but also to get a brief insight into the provision of information via Geo-Coaching.

Presentations by Andrea Lichtenecker and Christian Baumgartner (both IFN) as well as introductory presentations by Gerald Plattner (Österreichische Bundesforste AG) and Thomas Schneditz (Naturschutzreferent/Instructor for environmental protection of the Friends of Nature Carinthia ) provided substantial input for the following discussions. In addition, the participants presented and discussed numerous existing projects and concepts, and further steps in the implementation of these were gathered in workshops. We will report on our website on the further development of the planed and partially already implemented international projects in the framework of the Natura Trails.

See more pictures from the seminar in our gallery.
Photo: Judith Michaeler
Photo: Judith Michaeler


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