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In conversation with Naturefriends
Naturefriends talk: Ciprian Costa / President Naturefriends Romania

You have been active for Naturefriends Romania for many years now. How did you get in touch with Naturefriends and what made you decide to be so committed over the years? Can you describe the most impressive moments with Prietenii Naturii Romania?
25 years ago, while I was a student in Timisoara, I was a member of a mountain club, partner of NFI. I loved the “nature and culture” motto and all activities, but also enjoyed being a member of a “ big family”- Friends of Nature.
One of the most important moments was when Romania became an "A" member of NFI.    

Naturefriends Talk: Marie-Bernard LEFEBVRE-DUMONT President of Naturefriends France

Marie-Bernard LEFEBVRE-DUMONT has been re-elected as president of Naturefriends France on March 31, 2018. She talks about her personal motivation for her long commitment to the Naturefriends movement and her visions for its development.

In conversation with Naturefriends: Leonardo Baroncelli | Vice President of Naturefriends Internatio

Leonardo Baroncelli from Italy has been elected Vice President of NFI at the NFI Congress on October 21, 2017. He is an active member of Naturefriends Italy dealing with international and environmental topics. In our conversation, Leonardo talks about the reasons for his involvement with Naturefriends and his ideas for the future of the organisation.

Naturefriends Talk: Mamadou DIALLO, Secretary General of Naturefriends Senegal (ASAN)

© Doris Banspach

Mamadou Diallo, Secretary General of Naturefriends Senegal (ASAN), expressed his excitement that ASAN will be right in the centre of the international Naturefriends activities when he gave his speech during the opening of the Landscape of the Year Senegal/The Gambia.  In his interview with NFI, he explains how important this initiative is for the region and his association, as well as his visions for the future.

Naturefriends talk: Petra Müller / Vice President of NFI

Petra, you are the Programme coordinator for Africa of Naturefriends Germany. Why are the Naturefriends Germany so involved in Africa? What does the partnership between NF Germany and the African Naturefriends Network look like?

Naturefriends Germany have been working with Naturefriends Senegal and Togo for many years now. It all started with the trips to both countries organised by Naturefriends, which gave us a chance to experience our friends’ activities regarding environmental education, biodiversity and climate change first hand. Those topics are also very important for NF Germany. Our projects always have a social aspect so that the local community can benefit as well.  



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